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posticon Tweets from the Pageant

Hi all,

I am heading to the Pageant today and thought that I would share the experience with those that are not able to make the show. I will be “Tweeting” on my new Twitter account (SocalDoos) over the next several days. I plan to include general comments from the show, pictures that I take, and results from the different classes as the winners are picked. I will be focused on the pouters for most of the show, however I will also be walking around “tweeting” other things I find interesting.

Twitter is free to join and if you would like to follow my updates you can at . You can log into the website to view the updates or you can set up your account to receive texts on your phone. I am not sure if the pictures will be available by phone.

No promises that it will be good, however I will try to make it interesting!


PS – I am posting this on several of the message boards so don’t be upset if you see it in more places than the one you are reading now.
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Re: Tweets from the Pageant

I just joined up to follow you on Twitter. I am "cichlidlovers"


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