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Des Moines Show

Letter from Jeff Clemens

"Hello Fellow Pouter & Cropper Fanciers,
I just wanted to drop everyone a quick note to let them know the Des Moines Show is 1 month away. This is by no means to pressure anyone into showing there but would like to extend our open arms to anyone who maybe considering the show to come and enjoy the fun. Those of you who can't decide yet time is short and let me throw you a few thoughts below that may help your decision.
1. The show is Open to everyone this need not be a member of the Supporting Pouter & Cropper Specialty Club to show.
2. This is one of the Top 5 Shows in the country and one of the nicest facilities in the country for a show.
3. Many excellent Pouter Breeders will be in attendance and competition will be excellent......great measuring stick to see how your Pouter & Cropper program is progressing.
4. Should be Pouters & Croppers from almost every breed present.
5. We are shooting for a minimum of 200 Pouters & you still have time to send in an entry!
6. Excellent Pouter & Cropper judge - Steven Nelson
7. Lastly, and most important - it's an opportunity to come together and build fellowship in the Pouter & Cropper Fancy......we surely need this!
Late Entries are due by Nov 23rd. See the attached website for entry forms and show information.
Last weekend (Sunday) in the North Central Iowa Pigeon Association Show, a small state club - had over 100 Pouters/Croppers and 15 different varieties. There was another 70 Pouters & Croppers up at Hutchinson, MN on Saturday. We have Pouters & Croppers in the area and around the country.....let's see if we can get our numbers up!
Lastly, don't forget about the National Pigeon Association Grand National held in Salt Lake City, Utah......see the website below.
Please consider Showing your Pouters & Croppers in 2009 - 2010!
Jeff Clemens
If we miss you have a Happy Holidays and a very Blessed Christmas Season!"


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